Used to Treat Water to be used in medium and high pressure Steam Generators, pharmaceutical, electronic or chemical plants, where higher purity water is needed.

This treatment consists in removing calcium, magnesium and sodium salts using cationic resins, but in a hydrogen cycle; they can be used to remove sulfates, chlorides, alkalinity, carbonic gas and silica using anionic resins.

The degree of salt removal depends on the chain of ion exchange adopted. 
The adequate treatment system will be chosen depending on the pressure and type of use for the water, the requirements of total salinity (expressed by the specific resistivity of the treated water) and the silica content in the water to be treated.

The Water Demineralization System can be totally automatic, commanded by a Programmable Logic Controller PLC.

There are various systems, among which we mention:

Separate Bed System - Cation/Anion

"Mixed Bed" System with Only One Bed (Mono Bed)

Conjugated Cation / Anion System AND Mixed Bed as a Final Polisher

System with Carbonic Gas Removal

Reverse Osmosis   

A demineralization system using permeable membranes, resulting in ultra-filtration. This process permits the removal of particles as small as the ions dissolved in the solution.

Reverse osmosis is the water purification operation; this process can substitute ionic exchange or work together with it