Compact Water Treatment Plants


Water treatment plants designed by ATAG MECALPE are used to treat natural surface water, as that from rivers and lakes, to obtain treated water within the standards of potability, for human use or in industrial processes; the systems remove color, turbidity, organic mater and solid particles in suspension through the dosage of chemical products, flocculation, settling or flotation by dissolved air, filtration and disinfection of the water.

Compact systems, are dimensioned using the minimum space possible; their modular system facilitates increasing their capacity, should this be necessary.

Designs are developed considering the standards required by the customer.

  Open plant – steel / masonry

Generally used in more conservative installations, for this system is calculated and dimensioned using more traditional rates. 
It can be built in carbon steel modules which can be conveniently transported, or with masonry / concrete. This system can be equipped with lamellas.

Closed Vertical Plant – Pressurized

Used both in water treatment and in the reuse of effluents. This is a physical – chemical treatment, with vertical carbon steel tanks, operating under pressure.